Crispin Proctor, Chief Executive Officer

Crispin has been actively building and flying drones since early 2012. He is CAA approved to fly drones commercially.

He is passionate about the use of Drones in surveys to minimise risk to personnel.

Crispin is also a technologist, having a successful career as a senior developer prior to starting Drone Imagery.

Paul Scott, Chief Technical Officer

Paul has been involved in the drone industry since 2014. He is also CAA approved to fly drones commercially, and has completed an approved wind turbine blade inspection course.

Paul is a technologist, and serial entrepreneur. He is excited to provide new technology solutions for drone pilots.

Denise Proctor, Business Development Director

Denise has a background in the startup scene, with three previous successful businesses.

She is passionate about providing a new solution to businesses wanting to use Drone services to enable a faster, more efficient and lower risk strategy for their staff & customers.

Denise is also very inventive, constantly looking for new markets and solutions.

Amy Scott, Sales & Finance Director

Amy has a background in technology and a track record of successful startups. She is really excited to enable solutions which make life simpler and safer.

Amy is also very inventive, and constantly looking for new solutions to common problems.